Kitchen Updates to Boost Your Mood

How is everyone doing during the Coronavirus lockdown? I go back and fourth between being positive and productive to having so much feeling of overwhelm. I’m trying to make the best out of this situation, but this is hard.

I do know I want to try to help as many people as I can, so I plan to put together a series of mood boards with some small upgrades you can do that will help you feel more comfortable until the virus subsides. 

Starting in the kitchen, we’ve put together three different looks that have a few things we know can go a long way in living your best life while hunkering down at home.


Colorful accents are the quickest way to bring cheer to any environment. We included a few items that lend impactful bursts of color to brighten and energize your mood. These items are priced to grab quickly, but we did include two rug options to choose from in one of the mood boards, one of which is a little more budget-friendly than the other. We also designed the boards around white plates since that’s what most people already have.


Overflowing pantries require organization and we selected a few products to help get you there. Use the pantry jars as a countertop display and fill with things like rice, beans and pastas. Jars are one of my all time favorite photo styling tricks, and it works perfect for daily life as well. You might not use the clear plastic snack bins as a display, but it will organize quick-grab snacks in your pantry and can be thrown in the dishwasher to sanitize. Grab spice rack that we selected as well to keep spices neatly arranged in cabinets as we all prepare more meals at home during this time.


Minor upgrades go so far in how you feel about and utilize your home. Indulge in getting a new kitchen soap dispenser that has motion sense and a cookbook holder that’ll hold a book or your iPad. Benefits: you are touching one less surface – the kitchen is one of the germiest places in the house, after all.

We hope that a few of things make it into your kitchen because a little bit could go a long way to uplift your spirits. Links are below if you’d like to shop for anything.

*We are not getting commission from any of these items. Our only goal at this time is for you to feel more comfortable in your home.

Mood Board 1 – 1. Napkin 2. Placemat. 3. Plates 4. Canisters 5. Utensil Holder 6. Cookbook Holder 7. Soap Dispenser 8. Spice Rack 9. Oven Mit 10. Clear Bin 11. Apron 12. Natural Rug 13. Colorful Rug

Mood Board 2 – 1. Napkin 2. Placemat. 3. Plates 4. Canisters 5. Utensil Holder 6. Cookbook Holder 7. Soap Dispenser 8. Spice Rack 9. Oven Mit 10. Clear Bin 11. Apron 12. Rug

Mood Board 3 – 1. Napkin 2. Placemat. 3. Plates 4. Canisters 5. Utensil Holder 6. Cookbook Holder 7. Soap Dispenser
8. Spice Rack 9. Oven Mit 10. Clear Bin 11. Apron 12. Rug

Coverings 2017 Tile Expo

The 2017 Coverings Expo was awesome! If you don’t know, Coverings is a tile expo in Orlando, Florida and has tile from around the world. I loved seeing all the new trends and forming relationships with tile reps from Spain, Italy and even Turkey…from companies who don’t sell in Texas. But that’s ok! Because I can purchase directly through them now. Let’s use some of these in your house, shall we? Please excuse the poor image quality, the lighting was terrible for photos!

I saw a lot of mosaics and a lot of of 3 dimensional tiles. Both large and small. I have to say this tiny 1″x1″ hex was probably my favorite from the entire show. I loved it. You could easily use it on a powder bath accent wall or a shower accent wall. So cute and so subtle. Maybe even on pool wall if it is rated for that.

Highlights from our Recent Trip to Barcelona

Ok, so I am in love with Barcelona. I loved all of the Gaudi buildings, Gothic architecture and whatever the buildings are that look like the French Quarter in New Orleans (I searched google for a while and couldn’t find anything besides “Spanish Architecture”, so if you know what style it is, please tell me!) Inspiration was literally everywhere I looked. I’ve posted a few of my favorites here.

The New Orleans/Spanish Architecture – what is this called?

2016 Yearly Update!

2016 Yearly Update!

It has almost been an entire year since my last post!  A lot of things have happened, so I want to give you a little update.

Walter Street House

Walter is finally finished and has been posted on Rue and was featured in the May issues of Architectural Digest and Elle Decor as part of Loloi’s Rugs for the Original ad campaign.

I’m working on quite a few new home builds and remodels. Two are designed by the incredibly talented architect, Tom Tornbjerg.  I’m excited to collaborate with both Tom and the homeowners. Here’s a few exterior renderings made by the architect and one of a kitchen showing the materials I selected. A lot of light wood and black, and yes, that’s a limestone rock wall outside the kitchen window! Both homes actually sit right outside carved limestone walls. I die.

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