Our Six-Step Interior Design Process

We walk you through our in-depth, personalized design process step by step. 

In a previous post, we shared important things to know before starting an interior design project

For those of you who are still curious about how our team works, we wanted to take a closer look at our six-step process. 

In Sarah’s decade of interior design experience, we’ve developed a personalized, in-depth process that starts with an initial consultation and ends with your space styled out to the last loveseat or vintage floor lamp. Read on for a detailed breakdown of each step. We walk you through our process and show examples of the visual aids we used for our Ramsey Drive project.

How Interior Designers Collaborate with Architects (and How That Benefits Homeowners)

Spoiler alert: When it comes to large scale remodels, and new home construction projects, you probably need both.

Before starting a home construction project, homeowners often wonder whether to hire an architect or an interior designer. The answer? If you are building from the ground up or working on an extensive remodel, you’ll likely need both. 

Every home tells a story woven through the work of both architects and interior designers. In our 10+ years of design experience, the most successful new home construction and extensive remodel projects are ones where there exists a symbiotic relationship between these two professionals. As interior designers, we’ve found that collaborating with architects allows us to better complement each other’s expertise and keep your vision and preferences at the forefront. Working in harmony encourages the exchange of ideas and ensures the cohesiveness of your project. 

What to Know Before Starting an Interior Design Project

Our team shares 8 things to understand about the interior design process before getting started.

Starting an interior design project can feel like starting a new relationship. You may feel a swell of different emotions — that excitement when you start the project, the rush of exhilaration when you find the perfect wallpaper, and the thrill as you await delivery. You may even fill a twinge of nervousness. Is this the right color? Will it last? Is it me

At SSID, we’ve guided many clients through the ups and downs and twists and turns of interior design projects. With over 10 years of being in business, we’ve learned how to avoid headache-inducing missteps and ensure the process is smooth, successful, and enjoyable. Here are 8 things to know about the interior design process before kicking off your project: 

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