Pressler Street - Austin, Texas

Interior Design Services – Furnishings for a Living Room and a Master Bedroom. 

Welcome to my (former) humble abode! I have since moved and carried all of these treasures with me to a new home, but I loved waking up to this slice of paradise once upon a time. These “things” embody the epitome of who I am and what I cherish. I’ve collected things over time that evoke my style, which can best be described as vintage glam with a splash of camp (think Met Gala vibes).

I openly hoard vintage pieces passed down through generations such as the rich ultramarine/royal blue antique Chinese rug and the purple Vladimiar Kagan side chairs in the living area. I appreciate the connection to craftsman of different times, which inspires my work with clients.

Sourcing art and unique pieces is one of my favorite ways to personalize spaces. I worked with a prestigious art dealer to acquire the artwork over the rich, velvet sofa and accumulated more bright decorative pieces that speak to my personality and connect each room to the other.

The bedroom stays true to these ideals but implements something that holds a deeper connection. The bedspread was particularly chosen because it reminds me of my mother and how she used to make beds when I was little. That said, the fringe on it also helps to add a little visual movement to the space in a fun, but not in an over-stimulated way.

The juxtaposition of bright and dark, rich colors are balanced throughout with the use of neutrals, textures and different metal finishes. I constantly feel inspired by all the things I surround myself with in my home.


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